Web News Monthly Digest - May 2018

Hi folks! Today we will cover most interesting topics relevant to JavaScript and related technologies. Hope you will enjoy it.


The Front-End Tooling Survey 2018 - Results

Algorithms and data structures implemented in JavaScript with explanations and links to further readings


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Techmagic - Good&Co case study
TechMagic is a web and mobile development company from Ukraine that builds dedicated teams skilled in JavaScript, Node.js, Angular, ReactJS, AWS, Salesforce, iOS, Android.
Contact Person
  • Head of Partner Engagement
  • Ross Kurhanskyi
  • Email: ross@techmagic.co
  • Skype ID: rostakurga
  • +1 617 275 2362
  • Heroiv UPA Street, 73A
  • Lviv, Ukraine, 79008
  • 12 Heath Hill, Chestnut Hill,
  • MA 02445, Boston, USA