Web News Monthly Digest - June 2018

Hi friends and folks! Today we will cover most interesting topics relevant to JavaScript and related technologies. Hope you will enjoy it.

Browsers features:
  • ng-conf - I switched a map and you'll never guess what happened next - Pete Darwin, Shai Reznik, Mike Brocchi
  • ng-conf - The magic of template reference variables - Alain Chautard
  • ng-conf - Ready for Readable Code? - John Papa
  • ng-conf - VS Code Can Do That - Burke Holland
  • JSConf EU - 10 Things I Regret About Node.js - Ryan Dahl
  • JSConf EU - Aggressive Web Apps - Phil Nash
  • JSConf EU - Further Adventures of the Event Loop - Erin Zimmer
  • JSConf EU - To push, or not to push?! - The future of HTTP/2 server push - Patrick Hamann
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