Best practices for e-mail communication with customers

Communication is certainly one of the most important business skills, no matter what your industry.The quality of a business's internal communication often says a lot about the company itself. At our last TechMagic TechTalk our Team Lead and QA Engineer Liubov Smetiukh told us about communication with a customer. It was referred to team leads and QA engineers but would be useful for everyone.

Next questions were answered:
  • How to select effective cross-platform matrix?
  • How should Requirement clarification process by Team Lead/QA engineer look like?
  • How to build a burn-down chart for release?
  • What are reasons to postpone release?
Suggesting a cross-platform matrix


Estimation & Burndown charts
  1. Requirement clarification process by TeamLead.
  2. Requirement clarification process by QA engineer.
  3. Assumptions:
    a) The design is ready.
    b) API is ready.
    Project1 estimation example
    Project2 estimation example
    Project3 estimation example
Release scheduling


  • QA activities
  • Holidays
  • Vacations
Release postponing

Possible reasons:

  • Numerous changes
  • Quick release
  • Low quality
Call follow-ups


Significant items
Notify on time

Cancelling a call

Team members joining/leaving
Kind reminders

-Send email
-Gmail notification


Tips and Tricks

  1. Do not over communicate by email
  2. Make good use of subject lines
  3. Keep messages clear and brief
  4. Use numbers to break up lists
  5. Use bolding and emphasis
  6. Be polite
  7. Check your tone
  8. Proofread
  9. Do not Assume, ask for Clarification
  10. Use the Power of Images
  11. Try the ELI5 Technique
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